Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Oh Hell, Let's Just Make It Butch Walker Week

From 2012, please enjoy the great you know who on Daryl Hall's brilliant TV series.

With "Bodegas and Blood."

Sweet jeebus, that is amazingly wonderful. Listen under headphones, BTW.

And may I add that I would give my left nut to be a guest on an episode of that show. Singing or playing anything.


Anonymous said...

Like this a lot better then yesterday's song. Less slick with more of that grit I like. Good call.

Since you offer up your left testicle on what seems to be a weekly basis I think you need to look at your self mutilation issues.

Captain Al

BG in Q said...

Love this!

Dave said...

We've got a winner!

Dave F.

John Werner said...

This is the Butch Walker I love. Great choice.