Thursday, September 07, 2017

Your Thursday Moment of Words Fail Me: Special "A Goddess Walks Amongst Us" Edition

From 1983. please enjoy the divine Emmylou Harris and her utterly astounding version of the Carol Channing/Marilyn Monroe classic "Diamond's Are a Girls Best Friend."

This is the same arrangement T-Bone Burnett did a year earlier on his great Trap Door EP, but how this happened and who came first is a mystery that I have yet to unravel. If any of you guys knows what the deal is, please enlighten me.

[h/t Capt. Al]


Anonymous said...

Burnett's EP came out about a year before 'White Shoes'. The 'White Shoes' album also featured a cover of T-Bone & Billy Swan's "Drivin' Wheel", as well as Donna Summer's "On The Radio". Throw in two Rodney Crowell songs, Paul Kennerly's "In My Dreams" and you've got a very interesting record. "Diamonds" always got great feedback on my radio show. Emmylou has the ability to reach a diverse audience with material that was equally disparate. Good stuff!

buzzbabyjesus said...

It sounds exactly like she heard T-Bone's version and said, "I want that."
I can't blame her, to this day, that is my favorite single T-Bone track.

I've always liked hearing a hint of both Lou, and Jonathan Richman in it.

steve simels said...


I think you nailed it.

cthulhu said...

Now we need to get Emmylou and, say, Alison Krauss to cover the T-Bone/EC classic "The People's Limousine."