Thursday, January 03, 2019

Dean Ford 1946-2018

The Marmalade lead singer responsible for the wonderful "Reflections of My Life" has passed.

But I'd forgotten that he was also responsible for this classic, which no less an authority than Jimi Hendrix praised as the best single of 1967.

A special PowerPop No-Prize© will be awarded the first reader who identifies the TV commercial in which this song featured prominently.


Shriner said...

It was in a "Gap" commercial wasn't it? I remember two things -- (1) feeling really cool that I recognized the song from the Nuggets 2 box set and (2) if my memory is not escaping me -- the next time I saw the commercial, they had replaced the song!

steve simels said...

Yes, it was a Gap commercial. Here 'tis.

steve simels said...

And yeah, there was a different version with a different song.

Sal Nunziato said...

Another gem from The Marmalade--