Monday, June 20, 2005

Band of Brothers

It's probably because I came into the world with five of them myself, but I love brother bands. Brothers have a special bond, maybe because they're stuck with each other and things which might blow apart other bands don't work the same way for them. The joy and tension of family gets superimposed onto a musical structure, and frequently this can be really productive. Sometimes it produces the good clean fun of Shoes (John & Jeff Murphy), sometimes the snarky wit of Redd Kross (Jeff & Steve McDonald).

And sometimes, you get the Gallagher boys.

I like Oasis, I really do. I'm always hesitant to classify them as power pop, because that whole mid-90's thing was and wasn't at the same time. You can't deny the influence of the mid 60's and the late 70's on Noel Gallagher's music, though. He has long been inspired by the same sources which inspire other power poppers. But no matter what the music sounded like, the Gallaghers were just always fun to watch, in a distant, wow-I'm-glad-they're-not-my-family sort of way. Brawling in public (with each other and others), getting theatrically trashed, slagging each other off to reporters, they've been a hoot. Perhaps it's the fact that I came of age during the punk era, but I always liked that anarchic edge on their heavy-browed, incomprehensibly accented selves.

They've been having a heck of a couple of weeks. A quick scan tells me that:

NOEL GALLAGHER REVEALS NEW ADDICTION (Don't worry, he's not "chained to the mirror and the razor blade" again (a line Thers once explained to a curious offspring as being about shaving); it's Adidas and guitars for our shopaholic.)

and even better:


He raged: “Wankers. Haven’t they got fuck-all better to do? I’d rather be out there getting pissed. I certainly wouldn’t go back after a gig and analyse it. No wonder they’re the biggest band in the world: ‘Oh Edge, the fourth guitar solo wasn’t right tonight’. ‘Oh sorry, Bono’. If that’s what people think rock’n’roll is…”

And just last week:
The rock world's favorite potty-mouthed siblings are at their bickering again: Liam Gallagher stormed off stage during last night's Oasis show in Italy. According to, the reasons for Liam's abrupt departure were unclear; are they ever? After Liam left during "Champagne Supernova," brother Noel took the helm and played some perennial Oasis classics like "Little by Little" and "Don't Look Back in Anger."

And in case you're curious, no, they won't be joining the wankers at Live 8.
"I don't like the way that somebody suddenly decides that all the bands in England are going to f***kin' play and everybody jumps to attention."

It's probably deeply unhealthy that this amuses me. I mean, if they weren't musicians, they'd be, well, more like my real brothers.


Anonymous said...

NYM: Have you ever heard the semi-bootleg EP of them arguing about whether or not it's "rock 'n' roll" to get kicked off the ferry to Amsterdam for drunken brawling?

LIAM: It's fookin' rock 'n' row!

NOEL: It's nawt rock 'n' row! It's fookin' booshit!

(Repeat same for 20 minutes)

It is absoultely brilliant.

michael said...

hey, I'm not ashamed to say that I love Oasis too, in all their drunken obnoxious glory. is it an Irish thing that such people make such gorgeous music? Noel actually has a more amazing voice and range than Liam.

anyways, I'm going to see them live this Saturday in Philly. Already saw them twice before, once as the main act(with Travis opening), the second time with the Black Crows. That second show was fuckin' awesome.
Like your site--found you via Eschaton. :)

NYMary said...

I don't know how often you're around Eschaton, but we're meeting in Philly over Labor Day weekend. Mostly bars and softball, but there's some serious political stuff, too.
But I'm coming down in July to finalize plans, so if you're around Philly, do you want to hang out? Friends of mine, a perennial Philly bar band, are playing their first Serious Gig, at World Cafe Live. I think Atrios is coming, and jezebel and her fellow, and I think Sean and Mrs. Sean. Will you join us? I think, based on what I see, that you'll like this band: Milton and the Devils Party. Drop me a line and come hang out!

The Kenosha Kid said...

New Pornographers playing for free in Brooklyn June 25th:

Fox said...

this post made me happy in my heart. lol, not only because it was about the gallagher brothers, whom i adore (and probably have a mild band crush on), but because it makes me feel better about myself that someone else is 'unhealthy' enough to be deeply amused by their bizarre bickering antics.

AB said...

5 brothers? If they're older, your hubby is one brave guy! lol

michael said...

Mary, I'll let you know if I can do that, sounds fun. I didn't even realize the Eschaton event was in Philly, but I guess that makes sense.

My only short-term political goal right now is to get rid of Rick Santorum, so if anyone's talking about that, then I'm interested.

p.s. have you heard this alternate version of "Tempted"? it was posted at fluxblog--


NYMary said...

I don't think that a single one of my brothers ever said a word about anyone I was dating, ever. I have a--er--rather sharp tongue, and I'm sure they didn't want to risk it.

Thanks for the link: cool! And drop me a line re: July.