Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How Rude!

Courtesy of Atrios, who asserts that if we were to set The Rude Pundit to music it might sound something like this, comes the, err, folk singer Hamell on Trial:
You take the low road, I'll take the lower road
You've met your match
I admit I get a kick out of talkin' 'bout
Coulter's snatch

(would that be like this, perhaps?)

Another great line: "I used to be disgusted/ Now I'm pissed," which I think does a nice job of turning the pop irony of Elvis Costello into righteous anger. "Amused" was back when "That's My Bush!" was on TV, when he was a harmless buffoon we could tolerate because of the surpluses and complacency fostered by the Clinton Administration. "Amused" died on 9/11. Now we have "pissed."

Look, the anger is growing out there. Maybe the TV talking heads think it's just "left-wing whackjobs," but it isn't. Every guy who gets stop-lossed, every grandmother who can't figure out Plan fucking D, every factory worker who sees their job shipped to Bangalore.... this is righteous anger, and painting the angry as latte-drinking (or chardonnay-drinking, or sushi-eating, or tree-hugging, or Che-Guevara-t-shirt-wearing) doesn't make the anger go away. It may delay the recognition that we're on the same side, but that's all it will do: delay it.

I like righteous anger. It gets things done.

WARNING: Atrios link NOT work-safe.


Diane said...

Oh, yes!

Very nicely done, Ms.Mary.


Hecate said...

You can kind of feel the anger grwoing out there, can't you?

Aloysius said...

Bravo. Most excellent post.

Although -- I missed this mp3 at Eschaton earlier. Just played it. It's either my lousy Compy speakers or the fact that I'm older than dirt, but I could not make out a single word.

::grabs shawl and cane, heads back to the end-table where the Aspercreme sits in its own crocheted cozy::

NYMary said...

The anger is palpable. What I didn't note is that I've talked to a medicaid recipient, and inactive reserve guy terrified he's gonna get called up, and an outsourced emplyee all this week.

It's important that your Aspercreme cozy coordinate with your doilies, remember.

tenafromFirstDraft said...

Great post, Mary - really well written and right to the heart of the matter.

tenafromFirstDraft said...

Mary - what a great post. You really have it right - he was a buffoon, and then he turned deadly.

He is one scary fucking clown.

tenafromFirstDraft said...

I'm sorry for the multiple posts - I hope you take them out of the thread.

I'm so embarrassed.

Eli said...

painting the angry as latte-drinking (or chardonnay-drinking, or sushi-eating, or tree-hugging, or Che-Guevara-t-shirt-wearing) doesn't make the anger go away.

In some cases, I suspect it makes them angrier. If you're a disgruntled Republican, you probably aren't going to like being called a tree-hugging hippie...

Scott said...

When you come home to find that your neighbors have set your house on fire, you're right to get angry. When your neighbors complain about your anger when you call the cops and the fire department, you're right to get even angrier. When the local newspaper runs an article headlined "Local loonie unaccountably angry with popular neighbor over itty-bitty fire," you're right to get even angrier.

I'm sick of firebugs, firebug-excusers, and the arson-loving media, and I am not going to be in any mood to forgive them when (IF) this is ever over.

Ann Altmouse said...

That song is extremely partisan.