Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Simple Answers to Stupid Questions

In all of this, I have one big question: Why would the GOP cover for a sexual predator?

Because he gave them Florida in 2000.

As here:

Foley called for a quick end to the wrangling. "By any standards other than those used by political operatives, this election should be over," he said in the weekly Republican radio address.

He criticized the manual recount in Palm Beach County for its "selective enforcement" of examining chad and determining the votes on punch cards. And each time a ballot is inspected, he said, it runs the risk of being torn or damaged, and then misread.

Foley also called for an end to the welter of lawsuits and appeals that have been filed since Election Day, saying the country was "in limbo." Foley, elected to a fourth consecutive term in Congress, urged a quick end to the vote counting, no matter the result.

"It would be a sad commentary if this election ends up being taken out of the hands of the American people and decided by the courts," he said. "Florida's secretary of state will eventually certify this election, as she is required to do under Florida law. Whatever the outcome, we need to respect it."

And later:
TERENCE SMITH: Congressman Foley, if it does turn up new information, what's wrong with that?

REP. MARK FOLEY: Well, we don't like it simply because there are no standards. In fact, he just said, "We're not certain of the way we're going to conduct this or what the outcome will be." I think by now, these ballots are somewhat tainted. They've been shipped back and forth, they've been examined by people in Palm Beach County and Broward. I'm very, very concerned that this could attempt to undermine the legitimacy of this President. Mr. Gore conceded, the election's over. I think it's time, after watching the opening of this show, where members of Congress are joining together and working on education policies, that we focus on moving ahead, not backwards.

So I question: What is going to be achieved by this? If the Miami Herald and other news sources were looking at the machines, looking at the problems the machines created, I may be thinking differently now. But what I hear is we're sitting in a warehouse with reporters, we do not know the political affiliation of those reporters. As I understand it, the Miami Herald and most organizations who are doing the recounting endorsed Mr. Gore, so not suggesting a bias, but clearly they certainly an had an interest in the outcome by suggesting who may make a better president. And now, six weeks later, we're going to start going over these ballots once again and creating an element of doubt in the public's mind.

After all, what happened to others who threw him Florida in 2000?

In Congress.

At UN.

'Nuff said.


Diane said...

Nice catch, girlfriend! And I suspect you are right on the money on this.


ntodd said...


NYMary said...

Technically, NTodd, he wasn't gay until this afternoon. Just a confirmed bachelor.

ql said...

Excellent catch. They really are a bunch of depraved perverts. Anyone that allowed the creep to prey on children for political purposes is just as dirty of Foley, maybe even more so since they weren't driven by sick urges.

Vicki said...

Good noodling, my friend.

refinnej said...

Have these people learned nothing from the Catholic Church?

Anonymous said...

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