Monday, February 21, 2011

The Unreleased Beatles Album: Part II

EMI's roll-out of legendary vault material from the Fab Four continues.

New out this week -- The Beatles' often bootlegged Rabbi Saul from 1967.

From EMI's press release:
This album was recorded for the benefit of Queenie Epstein on the occasion of her son Brian's untimely death. The idea was simply to cheer her up after her terrible loss, but not content with being cheered up, Queenie wanted to have the album released, claiming it would make "a pile." When the group refused, she sued, claiming that since they had given her the album, she owned it outright. The court case was continued until Allen Klein took over the management of the Beatles, at which point Mrs. Epstein inexplicably dropped the suit.

Hey, Juden
Here Comes My Son, the Doctor Robert
Helter Schmelter
Your Mother Should Only Know
If I Kvell
Mocky Raccoon
Sexy Seder
The Schul on the Hill


Anonymous said...

After hearing this album Dylan became born again!!!!


Faze said...

Little Chazers
All Things Must Plotz
Eight Days a Week (and they had to pick Saturday for Shabbas)

Uncle Smokes said...

"Shalom, Gezunt"
"Shtup Me Do"
"You Know My Name (Would It Kill You To Look Up the Number?)"
"I'm Only Shlepping"
"Shiksa Madonna"

steve simels said...

"Shtup Me Do"

Words fail me...

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Soul is just genius. Hey Juden. Oh my god.

These NatLamp flights-of-fancy were so subversive of pop culture. I laughed my kishkas out at Radio Hour disk with Out Behind the Barn (Dylan parody). Around 1979, I saw a touring version of the Radio Hour of which the only thing I remember is the backing band Michael Simmons and Slewfoot, who were extremely fine.


Anonymous said...

Lucy and the Goy with Diamonds
[She's got a] Tuchkas to Ride