Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Moment of Shameless Filler (An Occasional Series): Special Going to the Country Edition

Uh, so that scheduled, pretentious, video roundup I mentioned yesterday is taking a little longer to get together than I'd planned.

In its stead, then, please enjoy another cover by Australian multi-instrumentalist/singer/producer Michael Carpenter...

...in this case, a sprightly remake of "Junior's Farm," one of the better artifacts of Sir Paul McCartney's post-Beatles band.

Hey -- I was gonna post Carpenter's cover of "Tapioca Tundra," so don't give me any grief about this.


Sal Nunziato said...

Since your "Look Thru Any Window" post, I've been on a Michael Carpenter kick and planned on my own post tomorrow or Thursday. Damn you, Simels.

"Tapioca Tundra" is fantastic. And so is "Wild Honey," and his Burritos-type version of "Ruby Tuesday."

Hey, I may still go ahead with my own post. He's that good.

steve simels said...

Yes, he is.

And I love -- nay lurve -- that "Ruby Tuesday."

I say go for it...

FD13NYC said...

Yeah Sal, go for it. Anything by MC is alright by me. Good posting Steve!

Hannes A. Jónsson said...

Yup! Good stuff. Loved Macca in his Power Pop mode. "Getting Closer" was another ace. And "Spin it On". Plus "Give Ireland Back to the Irish"...however hated by some people. Rock & Roll on!