Friday, May 24, 2013

Okay, This is Getting Ridiculous Already

Terry Reid and friends from 2006, with the Four Seasons' "Rag Doll.

Okay, we won't bring up the whole "Are the Four Seasons power pop?" question again -- long time readers are aware where I come down on that one, and in any case this performance should settle it for as long as the corridors of time continue to echo.

But sweet Jeebus, is there any song that Reid can't make sound even better than it already is?

Also: Waddy Wachtel is God. Just thought I'd say it again.


Sal Nunziato said...

"is there any song that Reid can't make sound even better than it already is?"

Well, this one for starters.

I'm a fan. This is really nice, but...

buzzbabyjesus said...

God never got busted for child pornography.

I agree with Sal, and add
"Waterloo Sunset" is another.

steve simels said...

I don't care if it turns out he was responsible for the overthrow of King Constantine.

I am SOOOOOOO stealing his power-chording on this one.

Anonymous said...

Is fine version, but is my least fave Four Seasons hit. Is icky.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for liking the Four Seasons. It's one of your most appealing traits.

Dave said...

I'm a huge fan of the 4 Seasons, at least on record, but I love this version. The lyrics of "Rag Doll" might be treacly, but the melody is gorgeous and Reid's take reminds me of vintage Rod Stewart at his best.

Anonymous said...

The shows at the Joint on Monday nights were legendary. Fuckin' A, Waddy is God. I've loved Terry live since I saw him open for the Stones at the Forum in 1969. Everybody should own everything he's done despite the shitty production on some of the albums.

I saw him and David Lindley together up in Claremont for an impromptu session a decade or more ago. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. They were fantastic. Only bummer is that I didn't have my gear to tape it.

For me the guy's always been about seeing him live. Terry used to play the old Coconut Teazer on Sunset quite often during his stay in L.A. He was always worth it and I went frequently. The only bad thing about his shows was that he did a song dedicated to his daughter which was pretty syrupy.

I have kids too. But I hate it when people have to talk about them all the time, let alone cut into their set with completely worthless material.

I attended, and, audio taped to DAT, most of these shows at the Joint. In fact I'm in some of the videos. The guy who shot them has complete shows. I'm the brunette looking far younger than her years:-), dancing strangely near the front in one of the camera angles usually at bottom right.

On Tuesdays from 1995 to sometime in the mid 2000's The Baked Potato in North Hollywood had open jam nights too called The Screaming Cocktail Hour. Though not as stellar, they were quite remarkable for their diversity of artists.

I love spontaneous shows like that. Nothing's better. Keith showed for a couple of the Joint affairs. Steve Winwood showed for the Baked Potato. He just finished his show at the Universal Amphitheater and was with his wife and a couple members of his band.

The stuff on youtube from the Joint isn't even the best. There is so much more. It's funny I just posted some of this stuff in a comment box and now I go back a month and see that you put most of it up already.

Here's the State of Shock groove-a-thon with an annihilating solo by Waddy. If you look real hard, you'll see the top of my head and my hands as I feedback with the band symbiotically. I was looooving it.

Vickie Rock