Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekend Listomania's Greatest Hits: Special Is It Warm in Here or Is It Just Me? Video Edition

[I riginally posted this one in 2008, back when your humble scribe and the world were young, but I thought it behooved re-upping. In the interest of full disclosure, I should add that I've made a couple of changes and/or substitutions -- goodbye, Smashing Pumpkins -- just to keep my hand in. -- S.S.]

Well, it's Friday and you know what that means. Yes, my Oriental amanuensis and dumpling consultant Hop-Sing and I are off to the beautiful mall in Washington D.C., along with ten or thirty million other patriots (weather permitting) for the big American Spring Break. We are very irked with the current regime, and we plan to make our displeasure known with the most powerful means at our dispoal -- i.e., the usual crudely lettered and misspelled signs.

Incidentally, I don't know what bathroom facilities are being provided, so if you can let me use those at your place, give me a call on my cell. I thank you in advance for your courtesy.

But for those of you who won't be attending (and we know who you are, commies) here's a fun little project to occupy your time till we come for you:

Most Memorable Post-Elvis Song or Record Whose Title or Lyrics References High Temperatures or Combustion!!!!

No arbitrary rules this time. Unless you don't have AC, in which case just have a drink.

In any case, my totally top of my head Top Seven would be....

7. Shoes -- Hot Mess

Because a) we like to have something recorded in this century; b) it's a great fucking song and c) I saw these guys for the very first time last Saturday and I was blown away.

6. A tie:

Jimi Hendrix -- Fire


The Crazy World of Arthur Brown -- Fire

I personally prefer the Arthur Brown "Fire," but that's mostly because he wore a bunsen burner on his head when he sang it.

5. Another tie:

Dwight Twilley -- I'm on Fire


Bruce Springsteen -- I'm on Fire

Funny that both of these are rockabilly-inflected. I have no idea if that has any larger meaning, I just think it's interesting.

4. The Move -- Fire Brigade

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- these guys were right up there with the greatest Brit bands of the 60s. I'm talking Beatles/Stones/Who/Kinks great.

3. Bubble Puppy -- Hot Smoke and Sassafrass

The first heavy rock band in Texas, and a surprisingly good song if you can get past the really dopey lyrics and the awful group name.

2. Sly and the Family Stone -- Hot Fun in the Summertime

The political irony of this song is less apparent in 2014 than it was back in the day, but on its other, less fraught, level it remains as joyous and uplifting as ever.

And the number one HOT HOT HOT!!!! song, don't contradict me because frankly I'm dying here and I don't have the energy to smack you, is....

1. The Beach Boys -- The Warmth of the Sun.

Brian Wilson has said this was inspired by the Kennedy assassination, although I've never really gotten the connection if truth be told. In any case, there are days I think it's the most beautiful song he ever wrote, regardless of what prompted it.

Awrighty then -- what would your choices be?


Gordy Guerrero said...

13th Floor Elevators - Fire Engine!

Billy B said...

Kiss Hotter than Hell

Brooklyn Girl said...

Rolling Stones - Play with Fire
Steely Dan - Fire in the Hole
Martha and the Vandellas - Heat Wave
U2 - The Unforgettable Fire
Donna Summer - Hot Stuff

And since you said "most memorable", not "best", get ready for today's earworm:

Buster Poindexter (aka David Johansen) - Hot, Hot, Hot

cthulhu said...

It's a slight stretch, but how about the Who's "Glow Girl" and "Amazing Journey / Sparks" (I'm particularly enamored of the version on the expanded Live at Leeds set).

And for something recorded this century, how about "Band Played On" from Joe Walsh's latest Analog Man disc. The lyrics are a bit too earnest at times ("look out my window / see a world that's on fire") but it rocks like a mofo...

Anonymous said...

Bob Seger - The Fire Down Below

UFO - Too Hot To Handle

Heads, Hands & Feet - Hot Property

Firehouse - Kiss [1st LP is good for parties]

Bruce / Pointer Sisters - Fire

Disco Inferno - The Trammps

Deep Purple - Smoke On the Water

Fire / Mrs. O'Leary's Cow - Beach Boys [I know its a slight pick]

Light My Fire - Doors

Fire - Hendrix Experience [repeat]

Wild Thing - Hendrix [Monterey inferno version with "Bob Dylan's Gramma" intro]

Heatseeker - AC/DC

Not all favorites of mine to be sure. But first stuff that pops into my head at this ungodly hour. Some jerk door bell ringing solicitor is the only reason I'm up. There oughta be a law.

Tried not to repeat any of those above. But they were excellent choices.

Vickie Rock

Anonymous said...

Just remembered that I forgot to included:

Hot Lava - The B-52's

Vickie Rock

Feral said...

Lots of goodies above, and a few more...

Graham Parker - Heat Treatment

Southside Johnny - Got the Fever

Fountains of Wayne - Fire Island

Talking Heads - Burning Down the House

Post Elvis Elvis - Burning Love

And of course, anything by The Flaming Lips
(ducks and runs)

Anonymous said...

A few more of the endless possibilities which end up on both best and worst lists:

Dwight Twilley Band - I'm On Fire

Lucinda Williams - Hot Blood

Van Morrison - Warm Love

Grateful Dead - Fire On the Mountain [for San Marcos, California]

Kenny Rogers & the First Edition / Mac Davis - Something's Burning

Montrose - I Got the Fire [featuring "Three blow jobs a day" Sammy Hagar who, whether you like his work or not, is one helluva a great and generous guy that has never forgotten his humble Fontana roots. And come on, that first Montrose album is at the top of the genre [even though this track is from the 2nd]. Ronnie was playing to the lowest common denominator and not revealing his full palette, but it still rocks like a mother.

Bad Company - Wild Fire Woman

The Cult - Fire Woman [the 12 inch version please]

J. Geils Band - Flamethrower

The Buddah [sic] Heads - Fire and Gasoline

Alice Cooper - It's Hot Tonight

And our list wouldn't be complete without including David Lee Dickhead and the boys' On Fire.

It's a 100 degrees plus where I'm at so I'm gonna hit the pool.

Vickie Rock

Anonymous said...

Oh, and then there's the one in which an apocalyptic woman, perhaps the Whore of Babylon, is referred to as the Devil's sperm.

Aren't we all. Eve runs through our DNA. We delight in men's certain corruption. They eat right out of our wicked hands. We are vessels of temptation and overwhelming trance. We ignite sweet lust's darkest wanton essence. We bring the enlightenment of Eden as the serpent empowers, enraptures and binds our fleshly praise. We bring bewitchment to your loins and infuse your blood with the intoxicating venom of guiltlessness and liberation. We take possession and lay you to waste. Damnation is delicious as the end of our lash.

Deep Purple - Burn

Vickie Rock divin' and dippin' at Pappy & Harriet's located deep in the enchanting California desert. I’ve been checking out Kelly McFarling. She’s not power pop. Take a peek if you want.

Anonymous said...

Gram Parsons - Hearts On Fire

Gram Parsons - We'll Sweep Out the Ashes In the Morning

Had to since I'm in Joshua Tree tonight. Sorry for all the entries but it's witching hour.

Vickie Rock

Anonymous said...

Richard Thompson - Fire in the engine Room.

Allan R.

Anonymous said...

Just woke up with Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire" playing in my head. Thankfully it replaced "Hanging on the Telephone" which has been my earworm since watching the Paul Collins clip.

Kelly McFarling show was pretty much a snoozefest. I kinda thought it would be. But it was an excuse to go to the desert and see some good friends from the dope dealing days.

Vickie Rock

Anonymous said...

Has anyone picked Summer In the City - Lovin' Spoonful?

Seems automatic.

Vickie Rock

Anonymous said...

Ronnie Wood - I Can Feel the Fire

The Black Keys - The Flame

Anonymous said...

Um, has everyone forgotten GREAT BALLS OF FIRE??

buzzbabyjesus said...

Who can forget Brian Eno's (an artist who gets little love in these parts) "Baby's On Fire" from his 1973 debut, "Here Come The Warm Jets", featuring one of Robert Fripp's most incendiary solos.

Anonymous said...

Roues Brothers - Burning of a Soul

Allan R.

Anonymous said...

Television - Fire - a personal fave which I just remembered - what a great band!

Fleetwood Mac - Love That Burns

Free - Fire and Water [also Wilson Pickett]

T. Rex - Hot Love

The Sweet - Burn On the Flame

Velvet Underground - White Light White Heat

Blue Oyster Cult - Cities On Flame With Rock 'N Roll

Charlie Daniels Banned - Fire On the Mountain

Ohio Players - Fire

Be Bop Deluxe - Blazing Apostles, Sleep That Burns

Heart - Cook With Fire, City's Burning Down

Dylan / The Band / The Byrds / Julie Driscoll with Brian Auger & the Trinity, etc. - This Wheel's On Fire

Pat Bean Eater - Fire and Ice

David Lee Dickhead & Noodle-Roni - Hot for Teacher

R.E.O. Weeniewagon - Keep the Fire Burnin' - God I hate this band! Does it get any worse or dull? Horrible!

Cream - Sunshine of Your Love

buzzbabyjesus, I agree on Eno and Warm Jets. Tiger Mountain is cool to, IMHO. Did San Onofre this morning and afternoon. Just caught Gov't Mule at the Doheny Blues Fest and am headin' to Dana Point for a bit of night sailing.

We're headin' south, bound for Mexico, but will probably stop in Coronado sometime tonight. Got friends with a beach house on the island. They're not there but I've got a key. Cheers to you.

anonymous: most wouldn't consider GREAT BALLS OF FIRE post-Elvis, which is the parameter Steve set. Great song, nevertheless.

Vickie Rock

Padre Mickey said...

96 Degrees In The Shade - Third World

Anonymous said...

Allan R., I loooove your choices!

That's about as punk as Richard Thompson's ever gonna get. But I prefer a different kind of fire in the engine room.

RT and most men need to realize that treason ISN'T treason. It's just your baby's way of riling you up in hopes of turning your rage into flaming passion. Sometimes a girl needs something rough to put her in her place. Real men don't get butt hurt and angry, they fuck us senseless.

And isn't that what everyone wants? Just some free advice should the situation arise.

Also, the Roues Brothers tune is a dilly. You are definitely on top of things. I love those guys too, but I would have chosen "From a Blaze To Ashes." But why quibble.

Are you the Disc Jockey guy? If so, where can you be heard?

Greetings from Ensenada,

Vickie Rock

P.S. I have a real good story about a lengthy encounter I had with Richard Thompson in Claremont, California. But it's the kind of thing that is best not revealed in this forum. I will say that it involves something rather, shall we say, twisted and kinky in the realm of fetish and sex. Something that I had never encountered before. And I am a woman of both experience and adventure. So....I'll leave it at that.