Thursday, December 25, 2014

It's Christmas Time

[Okay, I'm going to get a little self-indulgent here for a minute, so cut me some slack if you can. And yes -- I've posted a slightly different version of this on several previous Christmases; consider it one of those internet traditions you've heard so much about. -- S.S.]

Ahem. So. Way back in December of 2007 -- when the world, myself and this here blog were young -- I found myself, quite improbably, falling in love. And the Christmas song I kept hearing in at least two TV commercials at the time was the ineffably touching "All That I Want" by The Weepies.

Which, as it turned out, was, improbably, about the improbability of somehow finding the right person to fall in love with.
Above the rooftops
The full moon dips its golden spoon
I wait on clip clops
Deer might fly. Why not? I met you
Seven years later, I still can't hear the thing without getting a little misty, sentimental old fluff that I am. So I thought I'd share it again as sort of a Christmas card to you all. And to a certain Shady Dame let me just say, and for the record -- I love you.

Anyway, Happy Holidays -- and here's hoping that what the new year brings you makes you as happy I've been since I first heard that song. However improbably.


Brooklyn Girl said...

Love you back. And this song makes me misty, too, for the same reasons ---

Dave said...

Merry Christmas, Steve, and thanks to you and BG for making this one of the best places on the Internet.

Dave F

pete said...

One of the many great songs you have introduced me to (to which you have introduced me?) over the years. Many thanks.

cthulhu said...

Many thanks for this blog; I enjoy it often.

And here's something that helped me gain some perspective on the events of the last (pick your timeframe); yes, there are local upticks in badness, but the trends are still heading in the right direction:

Best wishes to all!

Mark said...

Nice, Steve, nice. And I must admit that I check here as part of my morning scan of life events, including the NYT, CNBC, Pitchfork, Bloomberg, WSJ, et al. Thank you.

And to cthulhu, thank you for the Slate piece that I overlooked. Yes, the world is NOT falling apart, despite dicks like North Korea's boy wonder, ISIS, Putin, Tea Party leaders and followers, and some, but not all, American financial institutions

In return, in the current (January) issue of Harper's, there's a piece on tech futurists, by Sam Frank, called COME WITH US IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, that depicts second-tier tech futurists as braniacs with heads so far up butts (their own) that Orwell's "brighter" future look like a pleasant dream.

As we say in Brooklyn, these futurists intend to make a mountain out a mohel with their notions of a second and tech-based ... ahem ... enlightenment.

And let me be the first to wish all a Happy New Year.

For 2016.