Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Tuesday Self Indulgence: Special Get Your Kicks, Albeit Perhaps Not Here Edition

From 1991, please enjoy a bunch of guys -- (whose identities I won't disclose out of respect for their other accomplishments) featuring a vocalist and bass player whose name rhymes with Sleeve Nimels -- in a live take on the venerable classic "Route 66."

I think you'll agree that the singing here is, at best, serviceable (you may insert other less flattering but more appropriate descriptions) but I'm rather insufferably pleased with my attempted emulation of Bill Wyman. And yes, that's my beloved 1961 Fender Bassman amp in the photo and on the track itself.


FD13NYC said...

Very good, and great amp by the way.

Mark said...

I like the "Oh my Goddddd," the room tone, and where was this ROUTE 66 recorded?

I also like the photo of your amp-speaker combo, apparently on vacation, and from the luggage cart and the reflections on the ground, I'm gonna take a shot at the Hilton Garden Inn at Palm Beach Gardens in Florida. Right?

steve simels said...

Its a board tape -- with an extra room microphone for ambience -- from a party we were playing for Barnes and Noble buyers at some huge hotel ballroom in NYC, in 1991 (my then girlfriend worked for B&N).

The photo of the amp was taken earlier this year in the lobby of my apartment building. The amp was about to be sent off to a good home at the basement studio of a teenage band whose members include two offspring of a wonderful musician pal of mine from the old days. He jokes that he only had kids to provide himself with a backup combo.

pete said...

The singing is much, much better than serviceable, my friend. Love the way the voice drives the groove. And you chose EXACTLY the right moment to break on "Oklahoma City." Terry Adams meets Arthur Lee.

Anonymous said...

I dig this tune pretty much no matter who's doin' it. It's a stone classic. Perfect for traveling with the top down while it explodes from the car stereo. Got a place just north of Route 66 in the Alta Loma foothills and was raised in San Bernardino during the cruisin' age, which also helps. That and participating in heavy teen fornication at the Wigwam in Rialto helps me relate. Always signed-in to motels as Kitty Twist back then. Get your kicks on Route 66, no?

Interesting take. Nice casual guitar interplay. I'll give it a 6 for vox and another 6 overall. You understand what I'm sayin', right? And it wouldn't be right if I stroked the bass player.

Good looking blonde too. Tubed or Solid State?

VR - Heartfelt greetings from Cabo. Snorkeling, of all varieties, yesterday. Surfin' today.


buzzbabyjesus said...

The Bassman makes for a terrific guitar amp. And of course it's all tubes.My browser is rejecting your player, so I can't comment on the track.

Anonymous said...

BBJ: Yeah, IMO, Bassman Amps are better for guitar than bass. Just to rectify the situation, when I queried "tubed or solid state", I was talkin' 'bout the rectifier. You know, a little AC/DC kind of thing that I'm obviously sorta partial to. While not desirable in your lover's body, a little sag in an amp can break-up that sound deliciously. Plus there is the rarity of it all.

VR - Show me your rectifier, I'll show you mine.