Thursday, February 16, 2017

Why Isn't This Guy a Household Word? (An Occasional Series): Special Can't We All Just Get Along? Edition

From 2010, please behold in breathless wonder star of the week Robbie Fulks and his quite astonishing cover of...Michael Jackson's "Black or White."

I say this a lot, but this time I really mean it -- words fail me.


steve simels said...

Okay, obviously the unofficial Robbie Fulks week is running out of steam.

Ken J Xenozar said...

I think it should be said that while you have covered Robbie's more "exotic" material, people should check out what he really excels at - country bluegrass. His latest albums have been nominated for grammys for a reason. I know that it's not powerpop, but I think most people on this blog know "good" music when they hear it. And despite all his funny business, his songs are honest and direct:

Dave said...

I'm still in!

Dave F.