Tuesday, February 06, 2018

It's Carole King Week Part II: Special Hello, Ladies! Edition

From the Letterman show in 1992, please enjoy Carole King on piano (in one of the most amazing all-star bands of all time) and a mind-boggling performance of Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone."

I should add that King is one of my all-time favorite rock keyboard people ever, apart from being an astounding songwriter. She's having a hell of a good time in that clip too, isn't she?

BTW -- that's Chrissie Hynde on rhythm guitar in the back. And the vocal section is Mavis Staples, Michelle Shocked, Roseanne Cash, Nanci Griffiths and Emmylou Harris.

Words fail me.


Gummo said...

I swear towards the end there they showed Doc Severinson on trumpet.

Probably the most faithful arrangement of the song he's done since 1965. Or since!

steve simels said...

Doc Severinsen was next to Edgar Winter. Seriously.

Ken J Xenozar said...

Carole King looks like she is having fun. Can you provide some context for the video? Where is this? Not the NYC studio obviously.
The band is tight. Paul Schaffer always knows how to get a band to click. I think Bob might have smiled at Mavis.

Doc Severinson. LOL. I saw him about 8 years ago at Millenium Park outside with a Latin band. He still had chops.

edward said...

From the info on Youtube:
BOB DYLAN - 'Late night with David Letterman' January 18th 1992 (EX. MPG plus AUDIO) JTT

'Late Night with David Letterman' 10th Anniversary Special
Radio City Music Hall
New York City, New York
January 18th 1992

Broadcast on Late Night with David Letterman February 6th 1992


Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
Chrissie Hynde (guitar)
Syd McGuinness (guitar)
Steve Vai (guitar)
Carole King (keyboards)
Paul Schaffer (keyboards)
James Brown (horn)
Edgar Winter (horn)
Doc Severinsen (trumpet)
William E. Lee (bass)
Anton Fig (drums)
Jim Keltner (drums)
Roseanne Cash, Nancy Griffith, Emmylou Harris, Michelle Shocked, Mavis Staples (backup vocals)

Ken J Xenozar said...

Steve Vai on guitar. Ha. Dylan and Vai, that is something I never thought I'd see.

Anonymous said...

[from friend of PowerPop Peter Scott:]

That's probably the most garbled vocal performance I've ever heard. Does Bob assume that everyone knows the words, and he doesn't have to enunciate them at all?

I heard the words "feel" and "direction home", and that's about it.

Instrumentally, the performance is fabulous. But vocally... Eep!

Jim G said...

How is it that I've never seen this before? Typical Dylan vocal of the period and the backup vocalists and horns are underused, but on the whole, this is terrific. The band is tight and rocks. Love it.

wacocrimatty said...