Monday, July 09, 2018

Going Down to Liverpool...

So as you may have heard, a certain Shady Dame and I were in Liverpool recently. And we were fortunate enough to take this particular Beatles tour...

...hosted by our guide, the incomparable Ian Doyle.

Incidentally, we took the three hour Rickenbacker tour, which I lurved, for obvious reasons.

In any case, Ian really knows his stuff, and if you take the tour -- which I highly, HIGHLY recommend -- there's at least one mind-boggling moment which I will not give away, but which I guarantee that not even the most fanatical and well-informed Beatlemaniac will be prepared for.

I should also add that Ian's psychedelically decorated cab can be glimpsed... the James Corden "Carpool Karaoke" segment of The Late Late Show, which is the most fabulous 23 minutes of television IN HISTORY.

I should also add that Sir Paul autographed the Penny Lane sign that can be glimpsed here...

...approximately a week before the aforementioned Shady Dame and I, taking Ian's Beatles tour, got to see it in person.

In the meantime, if you're planning on vacationing in the British Isles any time soon, I will once again recommend Ian's Beatles tour, which can, and should, be booked over at And tell 'em PowerPop sent you.

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Joey Tabarlet said...

Amazing trip, Steve. Two years ago or a little more, my wife and I were in Britain for the spring. We decided to take a trip to Liverpool from our base in London one weekend, and took the Fab Four Taxi Tour, which I suppose is similar to the one you took. I am trying to attach a picture of us in front of Strawberry Field, which was taken by our guide and looks for all the world like some late 1960s folk-duo album cover:!ApopKdjD236EnHYlqGd4yez6HABh

I hope the link works.