Tuesday, May 26, 2020

It's New Music By Veteran Artists Week (Part I): Special "So Beautiful It Hurts" Edition

Please enjoy Dion and Jeff Beck with the transplendently heartbreaking — and a song which splits the difference between blues and country in an astounding way -- "Can't Start Over Again."

Beck, of course, has been the greatest living rock guitarist since his Sixties tenure with The Yardbirds (yeah, yeah, we can argue -- but name somebody better or shut up).

And Dion -- who has been a star since the mid-50s -- has also been, IMHO, pound for pound the greatest rock singer who ever lived since his doo-wop days with The Belmonts.

Nice to know that both of them are still working with their powers undimmed.

BTW, the about to be released album that's from -- Blues With Friends -- can (and should be) pre-ordered over at Amazon here.


Mark said...

This is beautiful. And I agree with you on Beck.

The first single I ever bought, in 1960, was Lonely Teenager b/w Little Miss Blue. My Mom took me to the only record store on Main Street in Riverhead, NY to buy the single. I was 9.

pete said...

most distinctive guitarist, certainly. Did Dion write the song?

steve simels said...


Anonymous said...

Better than Jeff Beck: Richard Thompson.

Richard has to work harder than Beck but he didn't put his head up his ass in the mid-seventies and be all but worthless since then like Beck.

All you guys who like Beck's post mid-seventies music, give me a break! His fusion jazz is a waste of his 'rock and roll soul' and his rockabilly albums were major under achievers! All right I'm being hard on Beck but the musical path he chose really disappointed me.

Beck could have been the champ (maybe even over Jimi Hendrix, maybe) but chose to take what I felt was the easy way out and instead stick his head under the hoods of his very cool car collection. In the same time span Richard Thompson has continued to grow and grow as an acoustic and electric guitarist.

I wish Jeff Beck had continued to follow the path he started on with The Yardbirds and the two Jeff Beck Groups. That was real rock and roll magic.

But tell us how you really feel Captain Al

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, my thoughts about the Dion song: Great song and one of the worst videos I've see in a while. The Beck footage was clearly taken from something else as his finger work doesn't match up and except for Dion's singing the video runs out of fresh footage half way though.

But the part that bothers me the most is the footage of the attractive young lady. It made me feel unclean to think that she was either Dion's or Beck's granddaughter!


Captain Al

steve simels said...

Uh, Captain Al:

Beck's problem, unlike Richard's, is that there are no other musicians good enough to challenge him.

I should add that the youngster in the video is supposed to show that she dumped him years ago.

Lighten up.

pete said...

I came to love the first JB Group, but little of his for decades after. His solos, for all their perfect chops, seemed formless, meandering even at high speed. In the last ten years or so his solos came together as solos - I really liked the recent Live at Ronnie Scott's set.