Thursday, January 13, 2022

Ronnie Spector 1943 -- 2022

As I've said here on mumerous occasions, this death shit is really starting to piss me off.

BTW, I've got a really cute personal story about Ronnie -- from back in the late 70s, when she was doing guest appearances on Bruce Springsteen's lawsuit tour -- but unlike that Shawn Colvin anecdote I recounted the other day, you'll really have to get me drunk in person before I share it with you.


ChrisE said...

Her early 60s stuff with Phil Spector producing is still magnificent, of course. One of my favorite things from later in her career is her version of Marshall Crenshaw's "Something's Gonna Happen", with Marshall playing great lead guitar on it and his brother Robert on drums. It's from a 5-track CD E.P. of Crenshaw songs that Ronnie recorded at a session back in 1987, but it wasn't actually released until 2003 (on the Bad Girl Sounds label). Marshall & Robert and Marshall's bassist at the time, Graham Maby, play on 4 of the 5 tracks. One of the songs, "Communication", Marshall wrote but never put out under his own name.

FD13NYC said...

I as well have a funny Ronnie story on a flight from Las Vegas to NYC. Remind me to tell you next time we get together. Oh, and, love Ronnie but, I like Billy Joel's version much better.

Of course, there's nothing like Be My Baby and Walking In The Rain...Classic!

Anonymous said...

I DON"T have a Ronnie Spector story. But if I did I wouldn't tell everyone I did and then not tell it. I'm not a dick.

FD13NYC said...