Thursday, December 07, 2023

Is it Warm in Here or Is It Just Me?

So as you may have heard. noted goyishe mensch Dolly Parton has just released an album of classic rock covers featuring all sorts of interesting guest stars. Here's her "Satisfaction" with Brandi Carlisle(!) and Pink(!!!)

Okay, like the rest of the album, I doubt I'll ever feel the need to listen to that again, but the first time you hear it, it's an inoffensive time waster at worst, and good for Dolly for having the cojones to attempt such a project in the first place, especially at her age.

As for Pink, however...words fail me. As a certain Shady Dame of my acquaintance observed this morning -- can you imagine if Queen had gone out with her as lead singer rather than Adam Lambert? Swear to god -- they would have had to have an emergency medical team on call at every concert.


Anonymous said...

Dolly - Tom Jones - aside from Paul Rodgers 3 of the best voices in music. Dolly kicked butt on Satisfaction - Quick nod to the anonymous Nashville players.
Nothing to be ashamed here

steve simels said...

Helloooooo… this thing on?

Anonymous said...

Ground Control to Stereo Sreve...we have microwave contact...Hello, Hello

ChrisE said...

Re Pink: "Doctor, I'm having a heart attack and I never felt better." :-)

Bill B said...

That was a lot better than I expected it to be.

rob - agreed on Paul Rodgers.

pete said...

a rock-by-numbers backing track fronted by a voice pristine, clear, plangent and entirely out of place in the arrangement, goosed by a couple of screamers to add ... what? Authority?

Alzo said...

Cojones, indeed. Certainly better than Pat Boone's forays into metal.

Anonymous said...

I kind of like it!
I kink of like it.
I don't consider the recording heavy metal, just hard rock the way The Rolling Stones will sometimes perform it live in concert. Has a "Sweet Sounds of Heave" vibe. They seem to be having fun.

While I'm up and down on Pink's music, I think she is way cool! Especially when she is hanging 30 feet above a stage while she's performing. There I said it!

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

Love Dolly and all she's doing these days (non-musically) but it sounds like her teeth are slipping when she sings these days. That's to be expected; she's old.

Also, the intros on her rock record sound like they came from a Chipmunks album (Ok, Joan let's really get this one! Okay, Dave).

Anonymous but really Bob from IL (hat tip to Burning Wood who don't like anonymous posts)