Friday, May 05, 2006

Five Weird Habits

Folks have been posting these around the blogosphere, but I didn't get around to it yet. (Here's karmic_jay and watertiger and NTodd, though--three of my favorite co-marchers.)

1. I chew straws. Like, fast-food straws. I don't smoke or bite my nails, so I guess this is my oral fixation. Tiny chewed-up straws all over the damned place. Drives Thers nuts.

2. I really do listen to power pop almost all the time. I check on Ebay for especially obscure things, and keep my turntable alive just so I can listen to them. (For example, I have original versions of Shoes Black Vinyl Shoes and 20/20's Sex Trap, both pretty hard to find.)

3. I obsess, reading books or watching TV shows multiple times. For example, even though I wasn't home last Sunday night, I've watched this week's Big Love about 4 times this week, and will undoubtedly watch it again before Sunday. Also, I look up stuff, not usually about the show, but historical background and such, when I'm really interested. (I know a really lot about the FLDS church these days....) And I read nonstop. I can't fall asleep without a book. I reread all the LOTR books and the Harry Potter books about once a year. I also love crappy romance novels. I'm especially keen on the Native American ones, the kitsch value of these being particularly high. (But why is the originary boundary-crossing always a generation back? Almost all of the male protagonists have white mothers. I blame Freud.) I've been known to spend unreasonable amounts of money (sometimes more than a dollar) acquiring Harlequins I can remember reading at my grandmother's house when I was an adolescent.

4. I rearrange the furniture at least every six months. It's a good way to really thoroughly clean the house, and it gets boring if you never move things around. (File this under "drives Thers crazy" as well.)

5. I talk to myself. You get in the habit, when you have children, of narrating everything you do to a largely unresponsive audience--it's supposed to be good for their language development or something. But I find myself doing it in the car and, every now and again, in public. I hope people just think I have a hands-free cellphone.

What are your weird habits? (And NTodd, where are your archives? You need to streamline your site, my friend.)


left rev. said...


I ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom whenever I visit a bookstore or library (blame it on my mom, she toilet trained me by sitting me on the pot with a book until I produced something)

I used to alphabetize my science fiction.

I still pull out my old tapes of The Smiths, Billy Bragg, Dead Kenedeys, and Violent Femmes and listen to them- hiss, distortion and all.

I put my glasses on a specific place on the table by my bed so I can find them in the morning. Woe to He who moves my specs.

I stand in front of a congreagation every Sunday morning and preach.

How do I rank on the weird 'o meter?

Gardner said...

Ah, I thought these were supposed to be weird habits.

Great post. I'll have to reflect and respond. So many, many candidates, and I won't want to overshare.... I also don't want to duplicate anyone else's, though I have to say, NYMary, that you're hardly alone in some of this stuff.

ntodd said...

My archives are there! In the top navbar.

refinnej said...

When are we going to see Thers's list?

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at this bit "...I've been known to spend unreasonable amounts of money (sometimes more than a dollar)..."

I dunno what's so weird about listening to power pop? I'd say the folks who don't are the weird ones ;-)

Aspasia M. said...

ha! I love romance novels too (except I mostly can't read historical 19th c. American because it's my time period.)

I tend to like historicals better then contemporary, but I particularly like Jennifer Crusie's books.