Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ain't That a Shame?

I'm always struck by the fact that, in going through my site meter, that people still find me when they search for the Nazi Twins, Lynx and Lamb Gaeta. I even got a comment recently with a link to porn site with girls who vaguely resemble them. So, it's a story I've been following somewhat desultorily.

I find these girls amazingly creepy, and see them as creations of their nutjob mother rather than independent actors in their own right. If you want your adolescent daughters to provide wanking material for the Stormfront boys, I guess that's your choice, but in my humble opinion, it's a poor parenting decision.

Well, it turns out that the turmoil isn't over for the poor benighted, racist Gaetas.

After ABC first aired a story on Lynx and Lamb in October 2005, the music duo got worldwide attention, becoming fodder for television talk show hosts like Bill Maher and Joe Scarborough. The publicity evoked a lot of outrage and chatter on Internet message boards.

But no one claims to be more outraged than the girls' estranged father, Kris Lingelser.

"Do they know how many people out there will look at [them] and just go — I mean I get angry, just angry," Lingelser says. "And they don't deserve that anger. They don't deserve that hate. That's not them."


Lingelser, who says he is not a racist, also points the finger at the girls' mother. ABC News played him the girls' responses to interview questions, including the girls' statement that Adolf Hitler was "a great man" who "had a lot of good ideas."

"It's just horrible," Lingelser says. "How do I feel? I want it to stop. I want them to not say 'Heil Hitler.'"


And that's why Lingelser went back to court to try to regain custody, which he lost when he and April first divorced because, he admits, he had a problem with drugs.

"I had a drug issue, and you know, I was not always the most responsible parent," Lingelser says.

ABC News uncovered a troubling letter in which Lingelser threatened to kill April and the twins if she told police of his drug abuse.

No idea why a mother who pimps her daughters out as racist porn would be preferable as a parent to a guy who used to have a meth problem, but, as Thers noted, it probably has something to do with drugs and mandatory sentencing. The judge may not have had much choice in the matter.

Note, too, that this story copies word-for-word, paragraph-for-paragraph, the stories from last year about these two. Is this common in the news biz? Aren't you supposed to, you know, write a new story, even if it's on the same topic? (Both stories are uncredited productions of ABC News.) This would just annoy me as a writer, except that there's a serious edge here too: AOL is still not addressing the real meaning of the term "Prussian Blue," preferring, I suppose, the sunnier version in the band's press release. ("Well, I know they call themselves "Die Jews, Die," but their press release says it's German for "The Jews, The," and we believe them.") (with apologies to Sideshow Bob) That's just careless reporting: once the truth has been discovered--even by a (gasp!) blogger--there's no reason to keep repeating the lie.


jello said...

you're pretty generous. i, too, was raised by nutjobs and yet managed to do my own thinking.

jello said...

wow, prussian blue is supposed to be the color of zyklon b?

Dave said...

It's also disturbing to see how this story has filtered to the message boards of other teenpop fan networks...I've actually seen supporters of Prussian Blue's message, using logic somewhere along the lines of "at least they stand up for what they believe in." And more than one comment to the effect of "don't they hate Jews or something?"

I get a ton of hits for them still, too, and a lot of people confuse these girls with Disney duo Aly and AJ, who admittedly are scary fundies. (Other blogs still haven't picked up on this gem: "Evolution is silly. Monkeys? Um, no.") But they're not, as far as I know, neo-Nazis.

NYMary said...

Before I had comment moderation, a bunch of stuff slipped through, including a couple of white power/rationalizing comments on my original post on this topic.

They're out there, and I'm still convinced that George Allen's "macaca" was a shout-out to his white-power friends.

dave said...

No idea why a mother who pimps her daughters out as racist porn would be preferable as a parent to a guy who used to have a meth problem...

Frankly, I find it highly unlikely that Mom didn't have the same problem Dad did. Dad was just the one that got popped.

dave said...

Oh, and I like this:

But unlike most other pop sensations, their fans are not your typical teeny boppers — they're white nationalists.

You mean "racists"? "Nazis" Why the sugar-coating, ABC?

The Liberal Avenger said...

"Prussian Blue" is apparently a color left behind after Zyklon-B (a cyanide based poison) has been used in large amounts.

Holocaust deniers alternatively claim that (A) the blue residue found in gas chambers was from Zyklon-B being used legitimately as a delousing agent or (B) the absence of blue stains in the gas chambers indicates that the gassing of human beings never happened.

The name "Prussian Blue" is a little secret wink to the neo-Nazi community... "There was no Holocaust (but we know that there really was and it was so kewl!)"

Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis are such pleasant people.

Manola Blablablanik said...

I didn't know about this nutjob family. Thanks for the report. And people are giving Mel Gibson shit for getting drunk and saying something stupid??????

Anonymous said...

Aly and AJ may not sound too bright in interviews (actually, it was just that one interview in which they mentioned a specific religious belief), but they don't seem like scary fundies. They don't make religious music and they certainly don't dress like prudes.

Anonymous said...

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