Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nine Years Ago Today...

... Thers and I were married by a blind Irish judge in the upstairs room of an Irish bar in Bayside, Queens. The day was stressful, featuring a full-blown bridal snit and refusal to get married on the part of yours truly and a truly impressive last-minute save by Mother Thersites. Deeptoej gave me my favorite wedding joke pretty much ever: "I always cry at weddings with an open bar." And the teen, who was then barely seven, drank an entire pitcher of coke and ran around until she smashed her head on a stone fireplace and bled. (She was fine.)

For, you Thers. You are and always have been the measure of my dreams.

(And his real favorite video....)


Snow said...

Happy Anniversiary! May you sleep long on one pillow.

jezebel said...

How lovely -- happy anniversary, NYMary and Thers! You should have at least another 62 children to celebrate.

watertiger said...


I love you guys.

res ipsa loquitur said...

Is it significant that the judge was blind? Do you think he would have refused to perform the ceremony if he saw that your intended was a sweaty Irish lout?

Happy anniversary!

NYMary said...

May you sleep long on one pillow.

What a nice blessing!

Is it significant that the judge was blind? Do you think he would have refused to perform the ceremony if he saw that your intended was a sweaty Irish lout?

Well, his driver/guide did smash him into a closed door at one point. But I think he would have married us anyway. His fee was two pints of Guinness.

Eli said...

Aw. Congrats, you kids.

Here's another romantic video to help set the mood.

Ripley said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

Health, Wealth
Happiness & Love
And enough time to enjoy them all


refinnej said...

Congratulations to both of you.. Sorry I wasn't there (I really am.)But I think I'm the lucky one because I got a great sister in law out of the deal AND a gaggle of cool nieces and nephews.

I hope you're having a fun evening, and that you two have many more exciting years!!

(By the way, in case he was looking for it, we found the 6YO's hat under the couch this afternoon.)

HUGS for everyone!!

ntodd said...

I would marry you for one pint and a rasher of bacon. Many happy years.


four legs good said...

Happy anniversary!!!

Why did you through a snit? (just nosy)

NYMary said...

Why did you through a snit?

We had it all worked out to ten-minute increments: show up in the Queens City Hall at 4:30 with our allowed 5 guests, get married, show up at the reception in Queens at 6.

My folks called me at 1pm to tell me that the train they were planning on taking to get them to our wedding didn't exist and they wouldn't be in until after 5.

I refused to get married without anyone in my family there.

So we didn't go to City Hall. Mother Thersites found a judge who was willing to come to what was supposed to be the reception and do the ceremony there, at the bar. We were married between dinner and dessert.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

We were married between dinner and dessert.
# posted by NYMary

And all's well that ends well!

Blessings to you both and to your sweet, sweet little ones.

Zap Rowsdower said...

Congratulations to you both!! We hope that you have many more to come.


Zap & Em

(I know it's after midnight, but we just got home)

Charlotte Smith said...

Belated congrats! And, um, happy first-day-after-being-married anniversary!

preznit giv me turkee said...

happy belated anniversary, should have been here sooner, but Ned Lamont broke my internets. and he makes bad coffee ;}

Manola Blablablanik said...

How come I don't remember this? Wasn't I taking pictures? Was I *that* peloothered?

'Twas one of the finest events I ever attended! Almost as fine as the moment you came to my office, blushing ... ;-)

Love, love, and tons more for years to come!

NYMary said...

Manola, you were the maid of honor, honey.

I am not making this up, people.