Sunday, August 27, 2006

Remember that Mick Jagger Sitcom?

I blogged about it here.

Well, Doctor Pop has seen it and reviewed it here. It has a new name--Knights of Prosperity--but looks more or less like it was described initially.

This was originally titled Let's Rob Mick Jagger, and I'd have a LOT more confidence if they'd stuck with that. The deal's very simple -- Donal Logue's not happy with his life, sees Mick Jagger on MTV's Cribs or something, and gathers "the finest men the city has to offer" (cabbies, guys he finds on the street, etc) in order to concoct a plan to rob Jagger in order to finance the bar he wants to build and, in general, make their wildest dreams come true.

It's a whole sitcom about robbing Mick Jagger -- who plays himself, yes.

I mean ... come on! That's the kind of thing I would write a journal entry about saying I wished someone would make this show.

It's not a parody of a heist, but it plays with heist conventions the way My Name Is Earl plays with the conventions of shows like Early Edition, Pandamonium (okay, you don't remember that one, but here's a hint, it isn't misspelled), and other "we have an ongoing mission conveniently divided into discrete episodic sections" shows. So far its funniest moments are the ones that are the least parodic, because they aren't skewering the genre, they're just using it. The weakest are, well, the others -- Donal Logue doing a horrible British accent is only funny in that "oh someone's being unfunny on purpose" way, and we already have a cab driver character, so we already have accent humor.

And I like Donal Logue, so there. It's just my Irish lout thing, what can I tell you? (Besides, he used to roadie for The Lemonheads--how nifty is that?)

A word of warning: I will have nothing to say about the Gene Simmons reality show.


dave said...

My wife actually likes that Gene Simmons show. She hates "hard" rock (always has), and I don't think she's ever even heard Kiss, but she thinks he comes across as a nice guy on the show.

As for Mick... let's not forget these guys are all creeping up on one side or the other of 65. Being wheeled out to play himself in some fucking sit-com seems apropos...

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