Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've been trying to frame for a while a post on irony in the powerpop movement, but am having trouble getting enough papers graded not to feel guilty about it. In the meantime, consider my friend Jim's take on the possibility that Buddy Holly was a bit ironic himself.


steve simels said...

The good ole Texas boy thing has always obscured the fact that Buddy was a hipster. It was no accident that when he moved to NYC he wound up living in the heart of Greenwich Village.

And the line about the girl giving him "all the money too" in "That'll Be the Day"?

There's an old beatnik maxim:

"The enlightened bohemian is he whose woman works."

You bet he was a bit ironic...

Jim said...

That interpretation helps account for the high, sneering tone he affects. That said, regardless and irregardless, he rocked.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Buddy was a rock & Roller so he was a little of everything.