Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Former Blake Babies star/90s indie-rock babe Juliana Hatfield has a memoir -- When I Grow Up (John Wiley & Sons) -- coming out on Sept. 22.

I've always kinda liked Hatfield, even during the whole Evan Dando soap opera, so this bit from a piece in today's New York Times struck me as particularly interesting:

But it [success] was all too much for the shy Ms. Hatfield to handle. She’d binge on ice cream and sweets, then starve herself on a handful of nuts and a granola bar for days; standing 5 foot 7 inches tall, she weighed 100 pounds at her lowest. She had few friends and told Interview magazine that she was still a virgin in her mid-20s, which only fueled her reputation as a loner. (For the record, she now wants to make it clear that she’s no longer a virgin.)

Hey Juliana -- once you've had a fat, balding, middle-aged Jew you never go back. Just saying, babe.


Noam Sane said...

Idea: let's shoot Juliana Hatfield, Liz Phair, and Aimee Mann in a rocket to the moon, where the lack of atmosphere would silence their endlessly crappy, boring songs forever. Every once in a while they can beam a pouty photo back to earth for inclusion in Random Notes.

You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one.

Anonymous said...

Dear Juliana:

Simels is a real good catch, even if he once was a little androgynous.


Amigos De Los Monos said...

If she weighs over 100 now I would be surprised.. she's scary skinny

TMink said...

Noam, can I get on that rocketship to the moon?

And you are the first person I have heard call Liz Phair boring! OK, she is not Wendy O Williams (can I get an amen?) but boring????


Noam Sane said...

Tmink, it's derivative in the extreme. Jumping up and down trying to get attention doesn't make you exciting.

Maybe it's an age thing; I'm pushing 50, so I know what she's ripping off, and frankly, it wasn't all that great the first time around.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

uh... that's kinda harsh...