Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Houston, We Have a Problem

From today's New York Times:

Janet Jackson was hospitalized for several hours shortly before she was scheduled to take the stage at a concert in Montreal, the Associated Press reported. A representative for Ms. Jackson (left), 42, told AP in a statement that the singer "got suddenly ill" during her sound check at the Bell Center and was taken to a hospital. The statement gave no further information about her condition...This is the latest stop of Ms. Jackson's tour to be cancelled suddenly; on Friday she dropped two planned shows in Detroit, citing production concerns. Last month she announced that she had parted ways with her record label, Island Records, which released her album Discipline in February.

You know, somehow I think I've heard this story before....


Anonymous said...

its called bad ticket sales and no tour support from the label ---

Anonymous said...

It's called David Graham won't come back from McDonald's so we can start the next set!


steve simels said...

Plumber, that's so obscure that even I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

You were inside Broadway Charlie's with "T" while the rest of us were outside with David trying to get him to come back inside and play the fucking set and not go to McDonald's and eat.

What a brat he was back then.