Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We'll Always Have Paris

Well, in case you haven't heard, I'm off tonight for a week's vacation in the City of Lights. I'll post pictures when appropriate, mostly to annoy a certain fat Aggie transvestite in Georgetown, TX, but both Kid Charlemagne and NY Mary will be picking up the musical slack around here on those occasions when I've ODd on rich foods with heavy sauces. So by all means, keep stopping by (especially this Friday, when there'll be a particularly droll new Listomania).

In the meantime, I thought I'd say "au revoir" for now with my all-time favorite piece of British French-inflected pop rock.

From 1966, then, here's the next to last single the great Denny Laine recorded with the original, cool Moody Blues -- the ineffably lovely "Boulevard de la Madeleine."

She said she'd come, she didn't
I'm the one in love, she isn't
There's no girl standing there
And there's no one who cares
And the trees are so bare
On the Boulevard de la Madeleine

Ah, that accordion. So sad and beautiful. Bonjour tristesse, bitches!!!

Incidentally, to my knowledge, this is NOT on CD at the moment. I had it on an import LP collection back in the day, and I think I scored it from the old Napster a few years ago, but at the moment it seems I no longer have an audio copy. Bottom line: If anybody has an MP3 they can share, I'd be their best friend. Or ami.


dave™© said...

Hey, Steverino - check your email. There might be a little b-day present in it!

Gummo said...

You mean your favorite bit of French pop isn't "Ca Plane Pour Moi"??

Have a great time, steve, you and your shady dame!

ina said...

steve--i hope you have a wonderful, romantic time.

in case you're looking for something ELSE to do, my brother hosts an open mic at the tennessee bar on monday nights -- here's a youtube of the scene (he's the third performer, 'james'):

he said his band also plays there on thursday nights...

stop in and say you know me and toby gets a hernia (or something like that :) )

the address is listed at the end of the video.

ina said...

oh, hell, why doesn't that live link?

the tennessee bar 12 rue andre mazet 6eme, metros: oseon st.,st. michel, pont neuf.

monday, 8pm, open mic
thursday, bro's band.

Mike said...

And it's not Where Do You Go To My Lovely?

Enjoy Paris! As Jonathan Richman says, "if you don't think Paris was made for love, give Paris one more chance!"