Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I'm in Heaven!

Good Afternoon,

Just found this amazing clip of the great Easybeats on the 'Tube and wanted to share. This is of course their brilliant 1967 single Heaven and Hell. These guys had an amazing knack of sounding totally contemporary, yet they were always able to inject their own personality into the formula of the time. Love the keyboard flourishes on this too, and Stevie seemed to be in a rather playful mood at this shoot.


steve simels said...

Hole. E. Crap.

This is their masterpiece, I think, and I had no idea the vid existed.

Nicky Hopkins on piano, incidentally. And produced by the impossibly brilliant Glyn Johns.

Wow, KC -- thanks so much for this.

Noam Sane said...

The Oasis brothers would give all 3 of their testicles for a song this catchy. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Steve Marriot on bk vocs.

This is one of a half dozen masterpieces!


Kid Charlemagne said...

Really? I thought he sang on "Good Times"?

steve simels said...

KC -- that's right. Plumber regrets the error.

My big question is who's playing drums. It's definitely not Tony Cahill, the Brit who joined the band for the second album.

But I'm not sure if it's original guy Snowy Fleet either.

Anonymous said...

That's Jimmy Nichols on drums.

(It's a joke!)

Sorry about the Marriot mistake! I was just so excited to see an Easybeats video I'd never seen before.