Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And This Just In At The PowerPop News Desk -- Water Wet!

Okay, this is getting kind of ridiculous.

Compare and contrast: Iconic Rudy Gernreich model/muse Peggy Moffitt -- she of the famous topless bathing suit -- in a photo from 1965 I just chanced upon...

...and increasingly annoying prosciutto dress wearer Lady Gaga, just the other day.

Seriously -- if this woman ever had an original thought it would die of fricking loneliness.


Brooklyn Girl said...

Ah, Peggy Moffitt.

Warning ... includes a shot of the infamous topless bathing suit.

Brooklyn Girl said...

And check out the video at the end (although I'd turn the sound down ... the cheesy, space-age jazz is a bit much).

TMink said...


And spot on.


Padre Mickey said...

But Lady Gaga doesn't look as grumpy as Miss Moffitt.

dave™© said...

So have you checked out Kitty Gaga?