Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don Van Vliet (1941-2010)

With His Magic Band.

Live at the Avalon Ballroom 1966. Covering Howlin' Wolf's "Evil."

Ride, Captain, Ride.


BIlly B said...

Excellent rendition. Van Vliet pretty much sticks to Wolf's style.

I like it.

Faze said...

Yeah, splendid track. He could have had a solid minor career like John Hammond, Jr., or Charlie Musselwhite, sticking close to his blues sources. Safe as Milk and Strictly Personal were wonderful albums. Then he became another lump, like WIld Man Fisher and the GTOs, in Zappa's gravy.

steve simels said...

That's pretty authoritative shit from a bunch of white suburban punks in 1966.

Billy B said...

Faze - yep. This is the first time I've heard the Cap sing blues as such.

And, good point, Steve. Come to think of it, Wolf's vocal style had a strong influence on Van Vliet's.

Billy B said...

Just heard a Captain Beefheart bloc on the Philly indie station. Included "Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles"