Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday PSA

I don't know if we have any PowerPop readers in the Sonoran Desert area, but if we do -- or if for some reason you find yourself in the vicinity of Cave Creek Arizona this Saturday -- my old pal Jim (J.D.) Gath is doing a benefit show for a very good cause.

You can read more about Jim's Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary, and Saturday's concert, over at the official website here; if you can spare a little coin for him, it would be a very nice thing.

I should add that J.D. and another old pal, Peter Fleischman -- seen below from 1970 in the wild and in the fullness of their hippie/punk youth...

...were actually college housemates of mine. They seemed to almost always travel as a duo, looking (as you can see) for all the world (as was later famously said of Keith Richards and Ron Wood) like a pair of diseased crows, and they were known to all and sundry as, simply, The Dudes (this being many years before the Coen Brothers stole the idea for some movie or other).

In any case, I can recall many a night when I retired to my bedroom, full of some controlled substance, and drifted off to sleep with the sound of Gath and Pete singing Dylan or Stones songs to the accompaniment of their acoustic guitars in the next room. Only to wake up some eight hours later and hear them still at it.

Now that I think of it, you can watch both of them -- from the same year -- in the newly restored artsy student film I bugged you guys about a few weeks ago.

Alas, Pete won't be at the show on Sunday, but if you do stop by, ask Gath to do "Wild Horses." You won't be sorry.


fmcg said...

The photo shows Jim's extended digit adorned with the closure from a bottle of sparkling wine he and Peter had recently tasted.

Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary said...

Yep - & it was 10:30 in the morning. Had to get ready for a Shakespeare class somehow, right?


Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary said...

BTW, Brother Simels - thank you from the bottom of my heart - & 34 wonderful horses' hearts - for doing this for us today!


Peter Fleischman said...

Steven - I feel so immortalized!

Anonymous said...

Horses are such incredibly gracious animals, born with natural healing credentials. Rescuing these animals is a great cause. Best of luck to the Sanctuary this weekend.