Saturday, August 20, 2011

You've Got a Day to Waste, Right?

A friend on FB posted this link, to Rock Scene magazine, which was published from 1973-1982. Though it's kind of embarrassingly Kiss-heavy (seems like I can't get away from that these days*), it's a fascinating core sample of the New York scene at the time, at least, it seems to be. Anyone who was there want to weigh in?

(Of course, I hunted for this first.)

Side note: all magazines need this sort of site. ALL.

*Finishing up Boys Don't Lie, responding to a perfectly reasonable request from my editor to keep up all from getting sued, I ended up spending days and days mired in Kiss minutae. Specifically, I needed to get to the relationship between Glickman/Marks Management and Simmons Records, just before, uh, Kiss fired G/M and sued them for, oh, $17 million dollars or so. Talked to this guy, who was wonderfully helpful, and I feel more or less legally sound now.


The Phantom Creep said...

Been wondering what was holding the book up.

So -- when is it unleashed on a waiting world?

steve simels said...

That was Richard and Lisa Robinson's rag, no?

I think the word for them as a couple was...interesting.

Richard, of course, was responsible for the incredibly lame production on The Sidewinders album and Lou Reed's first solo LP.

Lisa's big claim to fame, for me anyway, remains the fact that she wore black nail polish before anybody else in New York City.

dave™© said...

I'd forgotten all about Rock Scene, but I actually bought it when it came out. It turned up on the racks at the same local supermarket in my little San Joaquin Valley burg that I got CREEM at. I think one or both Robinsons wrote some "rock" books that got pushed through the Scholastic Books company we could buy books from in school. That first issue at least seems pretty good on "rock history". And check out the ads!

Faze said...

Whew. I know I'll get around to reading the articles. But first I have to get over the ads! Holy caboly.

dave™© said...

Looked up the Robinson's - Richard also produced "Teenage Head" for the Flamin' Groovies and Johansson's first elpee:

dave™© said...

And Lenny Kaye worked on "Rock Scene," too!

steve simels said...

And Lisa writes for vanity fair.

She always was the biggest star fucker in the NY rock press corps. Not always literally, of course.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for turning me on to the Rock Scene site. Now staring at the pictures of Patti Smith with Ethel Merman, Eubie Blake and Arthur Fiedler (9/77). What a time!

Looking forward to the book.