Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Moment of Embarrassing Boomer Self-Indulgence (An Occasional Series)

Don't know if I mentioned that this was coming up, but Sunday just past I attended a college (C.W.Post) reunion that was one of the most delightful afternoons I've had in recent memory.

And one of the high points was a mini-reunion of my college rock band...

...who hadn't been together in the same room for over 40 years.

This was what we sounded like the last time we got together in a recording studio (in 1969 -- covering Marvin Gaye's "One More Heartache.")

And the best part of the story is that after we broke up, the singer and the drummer (the tall guy in the recent picture) fell in love, married, and now have two great adult kids, including a daughter who's a serious Leftie lawyer.

In any case, as I said -- Sunday was as lovely a summer's afternoon as I have ever spent. I hope everybody reading my poor scribblings here over the years has one at least as nice someday.


Oxy said...

Wow! I was surprised- ...in a very pleasant way! It's a good recording, too! May I ask who did the male vocals? Both vocals are simply great, as is all the playing. Glad I took the risk to click.

steve simels said...

Tony Forte (guy on the left) did the vocal.

I have long thought that the idea of the production -- the shift to acoustic guitar and piano in the second half of the song -- was more successful in the conception than in the actual fact. Live, we played it straight through like the first half of the record.

The electric part was the brainchild of Bart Goldberg (second from right); Tony came up with the second half.

That said, I still think the whole thing is pretty cool.

And thanks for the kind words.

Dave said...

You've got more attitude in the reunion photo than you did when you were a kid!