Friday, March 15, 2013

Your Friday Moment of "Words Fail Me" (An Occasional Series)

Okay, and speaking as we were yesterday of iconic 60s bands from elsewhere than the US of A, you need to check out this documentary on Easybeats lead singer Stevie Wright -- and possibly the most obsessed, in a mostly healthy sense, fan in the history of obsessed fans -- immediately.

If not sooner.

This aired on Australian TV a few weeks ago, and I don't even know where to begin to describe how amazing a story it is.

Of course, long-time readers know that I think the aforementioned Easybeats were a world-class band who deserve to be talked about in the same terms as the Beatles/Stones/Who/Kinks, but the story turns out to be even more boggling than I'd imagined. As is some of the archival footage.

Go to this link right now. (427 MB)

Seriously -- do it now. You'll thank me.

[h/t Peter Scott. Man, I owe you one, Pete.]


steve simels said...

Note to self:

Documentaries on old Australian heroin addicts with little exposure in America less interesting to readers than hoped.

Anonymous said...

Amazing story Steve? Are you kidding? Were you on heroin while you were watching it?

steve simels said...

You didn't find the contrast between Stevie at 16 and now -- when he's essentially Quasimodo -- amazing?

You didn't find that heroin clinic amazing? Jeebus, that place was straight out of a Grade Z-Monogram horror movie starring Lugosi and George Zucco.

Oxy said...

Steve, I think the lack of comments may be possibly due to personal time allotment. It's a bit more of time investment than listening to one song. I downloaded yesterday, but didn't have the time to watch until today.

I agree that the Easybeats really deserve the accolades and respect, that so many other bands of the era, so richly got. I just got through watching this. For the duration, I was completely riveted to the screen for beginning to end. Bizarre tales are nothing new in the music industry, but this one takes the cake.

Thanks for an excellent post. Anyone passing this off is doing themselves a disservice. Trust me. Watch it and you'll really want to thank Steve for posting it. There's gotta be more than (currently counting) two and a half rabid Easybeats fans out there. They were so damn good!

MJConroy said...

Interesting story - but how unusual is it? Rock star gets into drugs, cleans up falls back, rinse and repeat. The hospital from hell apparently did additional damage to him. It is a bit shocking to see him now - the difference from the 2002 clip is striking. Can't believe he's only 65.

joe p said...

i finally had time to download and watch it; holy crap...brutal, simply. thanks!