Thursday, January 14, 2016

Just Kids

From 1968, please attempt to enjoy -- well, actually, I don't recall what name we were using at the time, but since four of the miscreants responsible for this early crime against nature have been doing business for lo these many years since as -- The Weasels...

...and their non-smash hit "It's a Good Night." Featuring some guy whose name rhymes with Sleeve Nimels on wholly inadequate guitar.

I hadn't heard, or even thought about the above track in decades, and in fact it was presumed lost until it's rediscovery last weekend; obviously, it's very dated and it lacks the certain saleability that was, one assumes, its attempted raison d'etre. Nevertheless, it has a certain innocence about it that I find becoming at this stage of the game.

I should add that, like all of our early demos, it was recorded (for free) at Associated Studios in New York City, a place whose history I have written about at some length in the past. Suffice it to say that for about 40 years it was the most important independent recording outfit in the city. It was located at Broadway and 48th, up the street from the legendary Brill Building, down from what's now the Ed Sullivan Theater (home of the Stephen Colbert show) and next door to what was then called the Metropole...

...which was then the only topless joint in Manhattan.

I should also add that the song itself is performed by Linda Katz (auto-tuned vocals--I'm kidding!), Glenn Leeds (keyboards), Jai Guru Dave Hawxwell (guitar and harmony vocals), Allan Weissman (bass), the splendidly monikered Zoltan Makocy (drums), and me (the less said the better). Songwriting credits goes to Leeds-Katz.


Jai Guru Dave said... was recorded for free?? Then why did you guys make me pay for it???

steve simels said...


FD13NYC said...

Very nice 60's sound and feel Steve. I could hear Spanky and Our Gang doing this. It surprises me why no one is doing this kind of breezy poppy music today. Let's call Matthew Sweet.

Mark said...

FD13NYC's call is right on the money. Spanky and Our Gang, very late-1960s AM poppish, a song. That little drum pattern that moves the song from its intro into the first stanza says, "Hi, we're the Turtles!" Or "Hi, we're like the Turtles!"

Anonymous said...

Is it true Linda was the Yoko Ono of the band?

Can you post the Weasels' classic "Cedar Lane"?

Capt. Al