Friday, January 15, 2016

Your Friday Moment of Shameless Plugola

I now give the floor to my pal Marc Platt -- musician, book writer (How the Beatles Did It), political blogger and all around mensch:


Brian Kroll is an east coast recording artist who has shifted the focus from his dreams of rock-and-roll stardom towards doing something with his art to make things better. His videos are a call to action, along the lines of long-form PSA's (public service announcements).

Kroll is based in Oceanside, New York and has used the recording moniker 'My Son The Bum' since 2007, but has shifted his focus towards making videos that have been used by several media outlets like MGM Casinos, Shopping Malls and Time Warner in Upstate New York.

Sounds pretty good to me, so here's a great example of Brian's work. From 2014, it's his cautionary tale of the digital age "Death By Texting."

The song's auteur explains: "I realized that every person texting and driving might think the other driver will see them, 'In car 'A' they didn't see, I was the guy driving in car 'B'."

Indeed. I really like that one, BTW, but I like this one even more. Especially after last night's Republican debate.

You can -- and definitely should -- listen to more of Brian's music over HERE.

You're welcome.


Marc Platt said...

Unique stuff

Mark said...

Crunchy guitar, and I mean this as a compliment, a Long Island sound. And FOLLOW ME, LIKE ME over at Kroll's Soundcloud Estate begs to be used in a TV ad.