Friday, September 13, 2019

Insert Dental Joke Here!

From 2019, please enjoy The New Pornographers and their utterly delightful "Falling Down the Stairs of Your Smile."

Yeah, it starts -- both musically and visually -- too close to "Billie Jean" for comfort, but it almost immediately develops into its own thing, and I gotta say -- this is now my favorite song of the year that I wasn't personally involved in.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!

[h/t Peter Scott]


Anonymous said...

I really like the music and the video is great. Very much in a Feist groove visually.

I need to explore The New Pornographers' music. I've never invested and ear time to them before, but I will now.

You can teach an old captain new musical tricks!

Captain Al

John said...

Cap'n, you're in for a great ride. Been one of my faves since I heard them some 15 years ago. Also too, Neko Case.

steve simels said...

Ah, Neko. A goddess.