Monday, September 16, 2019

Ric Ocasek 1945 - 2019

I had forgotten how funny Ocasek was in this. Strange what pops into your head when you least expect it.

I heard the news of his passing last night and was genuinely saddened. Obviously, like any right-thinking rock fan, I thought The Cars were totally awesome, but as a New Yorker -- well, let's just say that when I lived in the Village, Ocasek was about as approachable a star as you could imagine; you were constantly bumping into him (sometimes with his charming wife) while grocery shopping or at the video store. He was just a neighborhood guy, albeit one who kind of looked like some kind of weird stick insect.

I should add that I have long insisted that someday some very hep country band is gonna cover "My Best Friend's Girl" and have a huge hit with it.

I should also add that "You Might Think" is one of my Top Ten favorite records of all time.

And that this bluegrass cover of "Just What I Needed" is one of the greatest things in the history of things.

Have I mentioned that this death shit is really starting to piss me off?


Billy B said...

albeit one who kind of looked like some kind of weird stick insect

heh. Nailed that one Steverino...

Damn fine band.

Alzo said...

Great to see Pia Zadora redeeming herself somewhat here.
Yes, very sad to hear of the passing of a giant of what was once the New Wave.

I may be a lone voice in the wilderness, but I strongly prefer Candy-O to the Cars' debut which is frozen in 1979 Classic Rock playlist amber- maybe cuz it was always overplayed. I suspect critics expected a sophomore slump, but to my ears it's a great, underrated album. And Eliot Easton is an underrated left-hand guitar slinger. Thoughts?

steve simels said...

Eliot Easton totally rules.

Anonymous said...

At this point the deaths of our generation's musical heroes is coming all too fast and furious.

I’ll be happy when we can go a few days without any significant musical deaths and can just enjoy music without the grim reaper spinning our turntables for us!

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

Steve, have you heard Hayseed Dixie's cover of My Best Friend's Girl?