Saturday, May 16, 2020

Phil May 1944-2020

The lead singer of The Pretty Things -- the greatest British bad boys except for The Rolling Stones -- has passed.

And not from the virus, I'm happy to say.

The Prettys never made much of an impression in The US of A, for whatever reason, but they were a very big deal in the UK. And I'm pleased to say that I saw them live -- touring the above album they made for Led Zeppelin's record label.

Can't remember who they were opening for, but they were very impressive.

And I love that song.


pete said...

a lot better than I remember them. And here's a future Listomania - best band name quoting American rock/R&B: Yardbirds, Stones, etc.

steve simels said...

Why hadn't I thought of that?

Anonymous said...

I just found this groovy video. Isn't that Austin Powers in the background? Great tune!

John said...

And then we all listened to the BBC live cut, right? Wow.