Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ciao! to My Street Cred

I have a confession to make, and it's been a long time coming, so here goes:

I. Don't. Particulary. Care. One. Way. Or. Another. For. Radiohead.

Never owned one of their albums, never listened to one all the way through.

Wow, that feels better.

I don't actually know why they inspire such galloping indifference in me. Maybe I just resent being told they're the greatest band in the world blah blah blah all the time, but whatever it is I just can't work up much emotion about them either pro or con.

I should add, however, that if I'm listening to the radio or a jukebox somewhere and a record comes on that I don't recognize but immediately like, invariably it's them. Like "Fake Plastic Trees," for example. Heard it at a bar a year ago and thought -- wow, what a gorgeous song.

I should also add that I still haven't made up my mind about Johnny Greenwood's score for There Will Be Blood yet; it's effective in spots, but its mix of modernist readymades a la Ligeti and warmed over Copland-isms is just as often fingernails-on-the-blackboard annoying.


Sinfonian said...

Scootch over on the exile bench, Steve.

I'm with ya. I agree.

Brooklyn Girl said...

Me, too. Don't get them at all.

Although I have a video of someone covering "Creep", and it's fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the first time I've ever heard a Radiohead song.

Return of the Plumber

Plum Pudding said...

Monsieur Simels!

please come to Montréal so i can explain to you the greatness of Radiohead. It won't hurt, i promise!

steve simels said...


You're coming to Eschacon, right? Buy me an adult beverage and you can explain it me then....

SteveNS said...

Me, I love 'em unreservedly.

Well, as much as you can love the feeling of an icy fist around your heart.