Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Those Fabulous Nineties!!!!

The other day I was telling somebody that I have this weird habit of continually discovering a band or an album or a song that's ten years old (and that everybody else in the world already knows) and suddenly deciding "Holy shit -- that's great! Where's it been all my life?"

That admitted, I don't think this little number -- which was number one on the Billboard charts this day in 1998 -- is ever going to inspire that reaction.

Not the worst thing I've ever heard, granted, but let's just say it kind of helps put my disappointment with I Am Legend in perspective.

[h/t Josh Hosler's Number One on This Date site]


TMink said...

Finding great music that I missed is why I come HERE! I know own most of the Apples in Stereo, the Strokes, and other artists cause of all you guys and gals!

No Will Smith though.


steve simels said...

Hey -- it could have been worse.

I'm sure there's a Marky Mark record I overlooked at some point...

Anonymous said...

Steve: You'll always be Jiggy to me!!!!

Also a Weasel!


PS: I have been out of touch with the Top 100 Billboard charts since the mid 70's! And proud of it!!!

dSmith said...

It's too late now, I suppose, but I can't tell you how much I regret not getting jiggy with it when I had the chance.

Cleveland Bob said...

While true that this was a horrible song, it put me in mind of one of the songs I did like from Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff.

This was one of them.


Anonymous said...

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