Monday, September 15, 2008

Richard Wright 1943 - 2008

From Bloomberg:

Richard Wright, a founding member of U.K. rock band Pink Floyd whose keyboard lines were an integral part of its psychedelic sound, has died. He was 65. Wright died today after a short battle with cancer, said his spokesman, Doug Wright, who isn't related.

While Wright gets credit mostly for his work on the keyboard -- which he taught himself -- he also wrote songs and sang on Floyd classics such as ``Time'' and ``Echoes.''

Wright ``has maintained a low profile throughout the band's history,'' Billboard magazine said in an August 2007 feature. Asked for his take on the staying power of the Pink Floyd's cult- like following, he told the magazine:

``Oh, God, I don't understand it. All you writers need to talk about that. I know we've made some great songs and great music, but I can't tell you why we're so popular.''


geor3ge said...


I've waxed hot and cold on Floyd, but Wright was always a favorite. His playing was understated, but never simplistic. And for my money, his synth work on "Shine On" ranks as some of the best electronic music on record.

Anonymous said...

Re; The Pink Floyd video:

Hans Keller may be the biggest asshole I've ever heard speak about rock and roll. I hope he died a painful death from rectal cancer!!!

I am not a huge Pink Floyd fan defending them at his expense. He's just an asshole. "Concertizing"? Boy he is deep! Why didn't Waters & Barrett poke him in the nose? Does anyone know who the fuck he is?


TJWood said...

Actually, according to Wikipedia, Keller passed away from motor neurone disease, the exact one of which isn't disclosed. (Lou Gehrig's Disease is a type of motor neurone disease). In any event, his death doesn't sound like it was a pretty one.

Beyond Keller, the revelation of this interview is Syd Barrett speaking coherently. Sad for both him and the passing of Richard Wright. His keyboard playing was indeed was a crucial element of the band's sound during its peak period. All our condolences to Wright's family and the surviving members of Pink Floyd.