Monday, October 27, 2008

I Get Email...

Happy Monday!

From Ray at

On November 4, the fine folks at Numero Records (the same people who brought us Yellow Pills: Prefill) will be releasing a 2 CD set that chronicles the legendary, most excellent, Kansas City-based power pop label - Titan Records!

From 1978-1981 the Titan label issued only eight records, but over the years their tiny catalog has crawled to the top of power-pop want lists worldwide and appeared on scads of bootleg cassettes, building a legacy to rival L.A.’s Bomp or New York’s Ork. Located in fly-over country, Titan was forced to start their own scene, import their own skinny ties, and scour Missouri for their own talent. This is a brilliant 2 CD set that chronicles the legendary, most excellent, pop label! 42 tracks by artists like The Boys, Gary Charlson, Arlis, The Secrets, and Scott McCarl (of the Raspberries) will be featured. Consisting of two digipack sleeves housed in a slipcase, it also comes with a detailed, 40 page booklet that tells the whole Titan story.

I have several singles from Titan and they are all uniformly wonderful, especially the great Gary Charlson. Seriously, if you are a fan of late 70s skinny-tie powerpop, this is a treasure trove of hooks. I am really looking forward to this as it has been in the works for a long time! To sweeten the deal, if you pre-order from Kool Kat, they are throwing in a couple of bonus discs of material that didn't make it on the compilation.


Anonymous said...

This stuff is news to me -- sounds fascinating, though.

[The Phantom Creep]

steve simels said...

KC --

This is new to me, too. Except for Scott McCarl, of course.

Nice catch...

Kid Charlemagne said...


Check out the "2 CD set" link for some song samples

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