Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fun With Downloads (Special Sarah Palin Edition)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the real life Smell the Glove cover.

In case you've never heard them, Boxer were a sort of supergroup (lead singer Mike Patto was one of the best r&b influenced vocalists to come out of the original British Beat boom, and guitarist Ollie Halsall was good enough to play with The Rutles) whose debut LP (on Virgin, where they were apparently a priority of Richard Branson) came out in 1975.

It's a great album, but it stiffed at the time, and not just because the band's vaguely progressive pop was about to get wiped out by punk. I mean, that cover -- how clueless would you have to be to not get that some people might legitimately find it...uh...offensive? Sheesh.

Anyway, there's one song on the record in particular, the fiendishly catchy and propulsive "All the Time in the World," that I absolutely adore, and not solely because it includes the immortal lyric "There's a moose on the loose."

You can download it here.

You're welcome.


Kid Charlemagne said...

Smell the Glove indeed!

Brooklyn Girl said...

Offensive? Ya think?

David said...

No, thank YOU! A classic offensive cover. I always thought Jump on It by Ronnie Montrose, was also a fine example of the genre:


TJWood said...

"All the Time In The World" was a big hit on the big local FM station in Boston. Don't know how it did in the rest of the country, but it was one of my favorite songs at the time. This album also features session keyboard player extraordinaire Chris Stainton, who's played with Joe Cocker and any number of other musicians.

danny1959 said...

Unfortunately, Rapidshare will not let me download the file. It says it can only be downloaded 10 times.

steve simels said...

Danny --

E-mail and I'll send you an mp3.