Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ars Gratia Pecuniae

Well, another one of my -- what I thought were private -- obsessions has gone public. Specifically, the only 80s synth pop record I ever really loved, which I posted about back in January, has just showed up in a Palm Pre commercial.

That's Freur's magnificent 1984 "Doot Doot," in case you were wondering. Back in January, I didn't really think it was kosher to put up an audio link, but now that the guys in the band are (one hopes) making some dough from the use of the song in the ad, I think it may be okay.

If another obscure fave of mine shows up in an ad, though, I swear to god I'm gonna take a hostage.


steve simels said...

Note to self: Blogposting about an obscure song nobody else much cares about that you've already blogged about months ago not as crowd pleasing as one might have assumed.

ms. rosa said...

Loudest crickets chirping ever!...but seriously, this is bookended by Hiatt and Lowe, so I think we're good.

TMink said...

I get in the mood for synth stuff on occasion. It is funny, but it almost has to be well recorded for me to care at all! Have you guys ever noticed that some music has to sound great for you to be interested at all?

Rock, who cares, punk, as if! But I don't care at all about dance music unless the bass is happening in the recording and in the room. Synth music has to have a nice airy sound. Lights has it, and I really enjoy that.



Elroy said...

Actually, when I saw this two days ago I immediately thought of you!

I went and iTune'd it when you first brought it up previously...

knownote said...

would love to be able to download this, it's one of my lost favs too. (guess I'll settle for a listen)I've got a 12" version of this but it's not in good enough shape to transfer to digital.