Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still Not Funny After All These Years

From 1969, here's legendary (by which we mean bogus) supergroup The Masked Marauders and their self-explanatory almost smash-hit "I Can't Get No Nookie."

For those of you too young to remember, the Masked Marauders album was the very feeble pay-off to a joke/hoax review (the brainchild of critic Greil Marcus) that ran in Rolling Stone. Unsurprisingly, the credulous counter-culture audience believed the super-secret recording session featuring Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, John Lennon et al (recorded in Hudson's Bay no less) Marcus raved about was for real, and the good capitalists at Warner/Reprise records rushed out this piece of crap to cash in.

I actually had the vinyl back in the day, and even knowing it was a joke I still found it mostly unlistenable, with the exception of the above mildly amusing Stones pastiche. Rhino did a deluxe limited CD reissue a few years ago; you can download the whole thing over here, but unless you're extremely perverse of ears, you really needn't bother.


Edward said...

Ya kinda had be there in the mood;> Most of the songs are funny as you first recognize the parody, but like SNL, just go on too damn long.
I still have my vinyl and haven't listened to it in 25 or more years. May have to now.

Putting it on the Deity/Reprise label was a nice touch.

TMink said...

Perhaps it is my post flood sense of hhumour, but this almost caused me to baptize my laptop with morning coffee. I love this.


Anonymous said...

still have the (scratchy) vinyl