Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Answer Records I'm Not Sure We Really Needed...

...or whose existence I hadn't heretofore even suspected, if truth be told.

In any case, from 1962, please enjoy The Dukays -- featuring a pre-"Duke of Earl" Gene Chandler -- and their response to The Tokens immortal "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

"Please Help."

As in "Please help, the lion isn't actually asleep and in fact he's trying to eat my foot."

Wow. Pretty dire stuff. To paraphrase Nick Tosches, even though this was a bad record, it's not much of a surprise that it also failed to sell.


edward said...

It would have been great in a Beach Party movie!

pete said...

The Library of Congress is making public ALL of its collection of recordings, from the dawn of recording technology on up. They're calling it (love this) the National Jukebox. Browse by artist, title, style, ethnicity. Right here :

Anonymous said...

What a riot!

"Please Help" definitely dislodges "The Dawn of Correction" as the ultimate superfluous answer song. It's sure a lot funnier and catchier.


steve simels said...

Well, to be fair, it was apparently a B-side, i.e. kind of a throwaway.

RICCARDO said...

correction, this is the post gene chandler dukays...lead singer is Nolan Chance of "she's Gone Fame>
Sorry, but I'm from Southside Chi-Town and we cur our teeth on this music

steve simels said...


This is why everybody needs an editor.

In any case, thanks for clearing that up; I regret the error.