Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Compare and Contrast: Special Tuesday Total Self-Indulgence Edition

From 1982, please enjoy Greenwich Village's finest, the fabulous Floor Models, with their peppy Nuevo Wavo/folk rock ode to the green-eyed monster of jealousy, the insinuating "Slow Poison."

Written and sung by its composer Gerry Devine, and with Andy Pasternack on Rickenbacker 12-string, Glen "Bob" Allen on drums, and some guy whose name rhymes with Sleeve Nimels on bass.

And from their 1995 indie album, here's Gerry Devine and the Hi-Beams with a moody ballad remake of the song.

With the same personnel as above, except that Doug Goldberg (stepping in for Andy) is providing the exemplary Mark Knopfler-esque guitar stuff, and that Nimels guy is doubling on keyboards. Including those sampled castanets, if memory serves.

I like both of them pretty much equally, if truth be told. And in case you're wondering, I'm bringing the whole thing up because the first track, in significantly improved remastered form, will figure on that Floor Models Album-We-Never-Made compilation I've been hocking you about for ages.

Which is now almost finished, and which will -- swear to god -- be available on Amazon and iTunes by the summer of this year.

You have been warned, obviously.


steve simels said...

Note to self: I may be over-estimating anybody's interest in the various loud noises I made in years gone by.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Your self deprecation is always charming. I had a hard time getting them to play, in either Firefox or Chrome.
That Nimels character is a fine bassist, but I don't like the drum sound, singer, or songs. What's not to like about an electric 12 string?
I have never heard a whole song by Mark Knopffler, or intend to, so that's not a selling point for me.
And thanks for the warning.

steve simels said...

Ah, well, since we're on about Knopler, I have a post for tomorrow I need to get together and fast.

buzzbabyjesus said...

In spite of my negative review, I enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing. As an insight as to just how in-depth my listening was I just now realized that it's two versions of the same song.

Brooklyn Girl said...

I have never heard a whole song by Mark Knopffler, or intend to, so that's not a selling point for me.
And thanks for the warning.

Yes, you have.


buzzbabyjesus said...

Yes you're right I've heard that song, as well as "Sultans Of Swing", far too many times. That's why I'd cross the street to avoid hearing any more. I don't deny Mr. Knopfler's talent, it just doesn't speak to me.

Anonymous said...

knopfler is kind of an inheritor of certain aspects of robbie robertson's way of playing, supersized with sinuous virtuosity and played on a strat instead of a tele. the musical link between the two is very strong.