Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Last Exit From Paris Dayton

Still sort of decompressing from our return from the land of the Ignoble Frog. So while we flush the heavy sauces and elitist chardonnay out of our system, please enjoy -- from 1984 and the soundtrack to Top Secret! -- the very young and callow Val Kilmer(!) and my second all-time favorite rock song referencing the City of Light..."How Silly Can You Get?"

I went to Paris in France
I found a little romance
She was a-walkin’ down the boulevard
I know I should’ve been good
I never thought that I would
Be double-crossin’, baby, cross my heart!
But a little rockin’ and a little wine
Got me thinkin’ ‘bout a little valentine.
What’s a lonely boy to do? She looked so fine.

How silly can you get? Yeah! Yeah!
How silly can you get? Ooh, Yeah!
I never ever meant to stray
But when she looked at me that way
The night was young and gay Paree made me forget
How silly can you get? Yeah! Yeah!
How silly can you get? Ooh, Yeah!
I didn’t mean to hold her tight
Another fool turned out the light
I only know she’s in my arms to hold tonight.

Seriously, that's one of the best damn fake early 60s Elvis pop tunes ever; if I was still in a band I'd cover it in a heartbeat,

And I'm left with just one question.

Where the hell is Val Kilmer these days?


Sal Nunziato said...

Last I saw Kilmer he was the size of Dr. Moreau-era Brando.

Top Secret has one of my very favorite lines--

While planning their mission, Kilmer questions the day they chose with "Isn't that Simchat Torah?"

steve simels said...

My favorite exchange from TOP SECRET:

Nick Rivers: "Is this the potato farm?"

Short guy on the other side of the door: "Yes -- I am Albert Potato."

Brooklyn Girl said...

Du Quois: This is Chevalier, Montage, Detente, Avant Garde, and Deja Vu.
Deja Vu: Haven't we met before?
Nick Rivers: I don't think so.
Du Quois: Over there, Croissant, Souffle, Escargot, and Chocolate Mousse.

Shriner said...

Flo & Eddie had something to do with the music in this, didn't they?

steve simels said...

Not that I'm aware of. Some Brit wrote it, if memory serves....

steve simels said...

Wrote this song, I mean.

The actual score for the movie was written by Maurice "Lawrence of Arabia" Jarre.

MJConroy said...
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