Thursday, November 08, 2012

Last Tango in Dayton, Ohio. Seriously -- I Really Mean It. No More Frenchie Posts Until This Time Next Year. Scout's Honor!

Okay, and speaking of my fourth favorite Gay Paree themed rock song, here's John Cale's utterly gorgeous "Paris 1919."

From the album of the same name.

Seriously -- I can't believe nobody guessed this one in advance.

I should add that Cale is doing the entire album, complete with orchestra, at a show at BAM next January, and a certain shady dame got me tickets for my birthday.

Sometimes, as the Ignoble Frogs say, la vie truly est belle.


buzzbabyjesus said...

Paris 1919 has long been a favorite album. Only recently did I become aware that Lowell George and Little Feat were the backing band.
I didn't read far enough in yesterdays post to find the challenge. That's how interesting I find Willie Nile.

steve simels said...

And the great Wilton Felder, of the Jazz Crusaders, on bass.

Some of my all time favorite bass playing is on this album....

Anonymous said...

Guess who gave me my copy of the album, You buddy!
Still has the Warner Brothers promo sticker on it.

Bill Roberts said...

Shoulda guessed it. Great El Pee.

But don't forget that I hear Garland Jeffreys ("There goes Victor Hugo, he follows me wherever I go...") the minute my desert boots hit Paris' cobblestones.