Wednesday, March 13, 2013

He's Still Dead, But We're Not!!!

Posted this over at the Flo Mos site yesterday, but it tickles me so much I just have to share.

In short: Last Tuesday morning I got an e-mail from CD Baby -- we sold another copy of the Floor Models album in Spain!!!

A CD no less, not just a digital download. Good thing I just had some more copies of the CD pressed -- if we sell two more, I'll have to make them available to our "distributor."

Seriously, at this point we're bigger than Generalissimo Franco on the Iberian peninsula. Who could have predicted?

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Peter said...

Which reminds me: There's an Australia blogger (I won't name him because I'm too shy) in possession of one of those Floor Models CDs, but who hasn't put any songs from that CD on his blog yet.

I think the aforementioned blogger is going to do something about that egregious situation fairly shortly.